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Re: request for review: fping

On Thu, 12 May 2005, Matthias Saou wrote:

> Chris Ricker wrote :
> > Anyone like to review / approve
> > 
> > <http://www.oobleck.net/kaboom/fedora/srpms/fping-2.4b2-2.src.rpm>
> > 
> > fping's essentially a scriptable parallelized ICMP echo-based ping. It's 
> > needed by hobbit....
> Find attached a patch for some quick suggested changes, of which :
> - Drop the silly buildroot != / from %clean


> - Simplify the weird doc installation (did you do that??)

fixed - no idea now why I did that

> - Don't strip the fping6 binary on install to get useful debuginfo


> If you apply at least the above 3 changes from the patch, I approve the
> package :-) (compilation and functionality tested too on i386)

great. I'll import into CVS and post an approval in a sec

The only other change I made was preserving timestamps (install -p)

> Actually, I've just noticed that the "fping6" binary included in the
> binary package doesn't get stripped automatically, whereas the main
> "fping" does. Strange. Could it be that both binaries share debug symbols
> etc.? Wondering if it could have been caused by the suid bit, I've looked
> at /bin/su on FC3... and it's not stripped either. Confusing :-)
> Maybe the explicit stripping of "fping6" should stay then, if the debug
> symbols extracted from "fping" are sufficient for both.

I tested by doing a bt in gdb. If I don't strip fping6, then I get symbols 
for both fping and fping6 by installing the fping-debuginfo. If I do strip 
fping6, no symbols.... AFAICT, -debuginfo is working now. Want to 
double-check it before I request a build?



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