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Re: New Package: kyum

On Tue, 2005-05-17 at 19:54 +0200, Michael Schwendt wrote:

> No problem if we would just get the terminology right, please. ;) Packages
> are not sponsored, but _reviewed_ and _approved_ by another contributor.
> On the contrary, people and their CVS accounts are sponsored.  Conclusively,
> Jochen is in search for somebody to review and approve kyum. He has CVS
> access already.

Review of kyum:

Rpmlint checks:

E: kyum no-signature
W: kyum strange-permission kyum-0.6.3.tar.gz 0400

W: kyum non-executable-in-bin /usr/bin/kyum_sysinfo.py 0644
E: kyum no-signature

You might want to make /usr/bin/kyum_sysinfo.py executable if its
sitting in /usr/bin, although it does not seem fatal to kyum
functionality. All other errors are safe to ignore.

Generic checks:

- source matches upstream
- License is OK (GPL)
- Meets package naming guidelines
- Meets PackagingGuidelines (except for two exceptions in bad) 

- source is messy. It unpacks into kyum/ and kyum-0.6.3/, of which, only
the latter is actually used. The upstream source should be fixed to
remove the kyum directory (all the files in that dir are duplicated in
kyum-0.6.3). This will also get the SRPM file size down a bit.
- GPL requires that COPYING be included in binary distribution, refer
to: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-faq.html#WhyMustIInclude . Easy
enough to add %doc COPYING to the %files.

Resolve the bad items and the rpmlint error I highlighted, and I will
approve kyum.

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Fedora Extras Steering Committee Member (RPM Standards and Practices)
Aurora Linux Project Leader: http://auroralinux.org
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