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Re: New package: denyhosts

>>>>> "AK" == Aaron Kurtz <a kurtz hardsun net> writes:

AK> I thought packages were required to have a higher version for
AK> later FC releases, and Dist Tag is the best way to do that if you
AK> have the same version for multiple releases.

I get the idea from the discussion that the Wiki page should be
modified; it says it's completely optional and to me the language
subtly discourages its use.  However, it should be obvious from the
discussion here that it's pretty much mandatory.

AK> Should this really be turned on in post?

I just copied yum: it chkconfigs itself on but doesn't start itself.
It's possible for yum to nuke your system during your nightly update
if your repositories are messed up, yet it enables itself in %post.
It doesn't matter much to me, but I figured that copying an
established package was the best way to get things right.

 - J<

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