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New package: cogito

Hello all-

Package Name: cogito

Version: 0.10

Release: 1

Description: cogito is an scm frontend to git, the database plumbing used for
revision control on the upstream Linux source tree.  As the version number
indicates, its still in pre-release, but its actively used to manage both its
own upstream project, and the Linux tree, so as such I think it would be a good
idea if we had it pre-packaged for easy install. Its GPL'ed, and the package
passes rpmlint with no errors or warnings.  As this is a request for a new
package I'd appreciate an initial review/approval.

the SRPM can be found at:

and the spec file is at:

b8075fdabe946436bbc6ebb26c96cfbe  cogito-0.10-1.src.rpm
9f497edc5dadb9a389ff33ddce3254b3  cogito.spec

Thanks and Regards

 *Neil Horman
 *Software Engineer
 *Red Hat, Inc.
 *nhorman redhat com
 *gpg keyid: 1024D / 0x92A74FA1

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