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Re: Review/Approval needed: mfstools

Tom 'spot' Callaway wrote :

> This package is in CVS and needs review and approval. Its quite small.
> MFS Tools is a set of utilities for TiVo drive upgrades. This includes
> MFS specific backup and restore, as well as MFS volume expansion and
> shrinking.
> No libraries, one binary, and a few symlinks. :)
> Please review, thanks.


Simple points :
- Missing zlib-devel, which doesn't bother configure but makes the build
  fail miserably :-/
- You mix spaces and tabs in your spec file headers -> Readability issues
  when using 4 spaces vs. 8 for tabs or vice versa.
- The release fields seems weird, why two 1s in different places?

Now the nasty one : The package contains files with names way too generic!
And the /usr/share/doc/howto.html file should not be there, copy it to the
pwd and include it as %doc instead of installing it to _docdir.


These files definitely need to have their name changed... not sure what
it'll break, though.


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