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Re: New package: rblcheck

Oliver Falk wrote:

I'd like to get approval for the following package: rblcheck.

src.rpm as well as the specfile can be retrieved from/reviewed at:

Package description says the following (for those who are to lazy to follow
the above link):

rblcheck is a very basic interface to RBL-style DNS listings such as those
operated by the MAPS (http://www.maps.org/) and ORBL (http://www.orbl.org/)

Yes, it's a very simple/basic package, but it's a fine tool to have at hand
if you are a mailserver administrator and need to check if some IP is

I have my own package of rblcheck, which incorporates a few useful patches. One of the patches adds my own local lists as default lists to check, so you'll want to edit those out, but the rest may be useful to you:



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