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Re: New package: rblcheck

Oliver Falk wrote:
Hi Paul!

I have my own package of rblcheck, which incorporates a few useful patches. One of the patches adds my own local lists as default lists to check, so you'll want to edit those out, but the rest may be useful to you:


Do you have an origin for the patches? Or are they made by you? If so, can
you provide me with URLs where I can point the Patch-tags in the specfile

No specific URLs I'm afraid.

I made this myself and it's responsible for most of the changelog entries, as I add and remove lists as and when they appear and disappear. I changed the text "RBL filtered by" to "listed by" because (a) it's more accurate, and (b) "RBL" is a trademark of MAPS LLC.

Comes from a post to the rblcheck-users mailing list. See:

I made this to fix the broken code for looking up TXT records, and the code is borrowed from Ian Gulliver's "firedns" library (GPL), which can be found at: http://firestuff.org/


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