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RE: New package: rblcheck

Hi Paul!

[ ... ]
> No specific URLs I'm afraid.
> rblcheck-zones.patch:
> I made this myself and it's responsible for most of the 
> changelog entries, as I add and remove lists as and when they 
> appear and disappear. I changed the text "RBL filtered by" to 
> "listed by" because
> (a) it's more accurate, and (b) "RBL" is a trademark of MAPS LLC.

OK. This moved to rblcheck-texttweak.patch and for the default lists I
created a %{_sysconfdir}/rblcheckrc. This is - of course - easier to
maintain than patchin' around. :-)

> rblcheck-names.patch
> Comes from a post to the rblcheck-users mailing list. See:

OK, added a comment to the specfile.

> rblcheck-txt.patch
> I made this to fix the broken code for looking up TXT 
> records, and the code is borrowed from Ian Gulliver's 
> "firedns" library (GPL), which can be found at: http://firestuff.org/

For this too, added a comment.

So running rbl <somehost> will check %{_sysconfdir}/rblcheckrc (where the
default lists you patched in) reside now and afterwards read in
~/.rblcheckrc (as usual).

So, Paul, I would be pleased to see you updating the rblcheckrc if I get an
approval for the rblcheck package :-)

And for the folks who had a look at the package allready/will have a look at
the package to approve it. Please note, that I just updated it at:


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