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kismet and svn builds?

I was making a package of kismet for work, and had some questions 
regarding that:

1. Is anyone else interested in having it in FE?

2. I only have ipw2100 and ipw2200 cards in my laptops. The 2100 should 
   work with kismet on current FC kernels, and the 2200 will work with the 
   kernel coming through the build system (BZ #158073). Do any other 
   wireless drivers in the FC kernel tree support rfmon?

3. kismet support for ipw2200 cards requires a build from the kismet 
   development svn tree. How does one package a cvs / svn / etc. checkout 
   for FE? Or is the answer just "don't do that" :-)

FWIW, my current package is at 

What I did for it was check out the devel tree from svn, tar it up, and 
put the svn release in the version field. Not sure if there's a better / 
more appropriate way though, such as doing a diff between the last 
release, current devel snapshot, and having Source0 be the last release 
and Patch0 be the diff to bring to devel.



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