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New package: iozone

Hey all-

Package Name: iozone

Description: iozone is a filesystem benchmarking tool, that allows one to record
various performance metrics on a filesystem, and graph the results.  Iozone is
reasonably mature, and listed by the maintainer as freeware.  Its got a number
of options for fine tuning the metrics you collect, and the format they are
output in.



57b6989afbc52bea93e4bba7392e683f  iozone.spec
4c5ee5e7f0169f2d68bd17ceedd6a5cd  iozone-3-1.src.rpm

srpm passes rpmlint with no concerning errors/warnings.  Looking for an initial
review and acceptance.

Thanks and Regards

 *Neil Horman
 *Software Engineer
 *Red Hat, Inc.
 *nhorman redhat com
 *gpg keyid: 1024D / 0x92A74FA1

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