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Re: New package: iozone

On Thu, 19 May 2005 16:24:18 -0400. Neil Horman waffled thusly:

> Hey all-
> Package Name: iozone
> Description: iozone is a filesystem benchmarking tool, that allows one to
> record various performance metrics on a filesystem, and graph the
> results.  Iozone is reasonably mature, and listed by the maintainer as
> freeware.  Its got a number of options for fine tuning the metrics you
> collect, and the format they are output in.
> Location:
> http://people.redhat.com/nhorman/iozone-3-1.src.rpm
> http://people.redhat.com/nhorman/iozone.spec
> md5sums:
> 57b6989afbc52bea93e4bba7392e683f  iozone.spec
> 4c5ee5e7f0169f2d68bd17ceedd6a5cd  iozone-3-1.src.rpm
> srpm passes rpmlint with no concerning errors/warnings.  Looking for an
> initial review and acceptance.

- Build from your SRPM failed for me - you have a reference to %{_libdir}/*
in % files but nothing actually in there ;-)

- RPMLint claims file ownership is nonstandard. Therefore you need a %
defattr (-,root,root,-) just after %files.

- Swapping "cp $RPM_BUILD_DIR/iozone3_239/src/current" for plain old
"install -p src/current" looks (to me) to be cleaner and simpler to follow
- always a good thing in a .sW: iozone no-version-in-last-changelog

- I would leave the files your spec puts in /usr/share/doc/iozone/ in %doc,
rather than use %{_docdir} and friends explicitly.

- Clear the buildroot before install (no clutter/crap can sneak in from
previous rebuild attempts this way)

- Generate_Graphs needs a #!/bin/sh shebang line (trivial patch,
upstream fix or both)

- Requires: gnuplot for the above?

RPMlint output with my own basic changes:

W: iozone unstripped-binary-or-object /usr/bin/iozone
E: iozone script-without-shellbang /usr/bin/Generate_Graphs
E: iozone wrong-script-end-of-line-encoding /usr/share/doc/iozone/
E: iozone no-signature

Diff attached :-)

> Thanks and Regards
> Neil


Michael Fleming <mfleming enlartenment com>
"Bother" said the Borg, "We've assimilated Pooh!"

Attachment: iozone.spec.diff
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