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Request for discussion: Package installation problem with running nscd


I came along this problem a few times now and think it's a good idea to
throw it on the list for discussion.

I have a fcdev system running at my site that runs with ldap/nscd.

The problem I'm running into - some times - is:
* nscd is running and caches groups/passwd
* I try to install a package
* package does the usual groupadd -r <somegroup> >/dev/null 2>&1 or useradd
* package' file list lists %attr(-, <somegroup>, <someuser>) or something
like that.

But as nscd caches the passwd/group it thinks that <somegroup> or <someuser>
doesn't exist and rpm tell's me:

   warning: group <somegroup> does not exist - using root

Arg. rpm -e <somepackage>; service nscd stop; rpm -Uvh <somepackage>;
service nscd start; Cannot be the correct solution. :-)

I cannot ask all package maintainers to do a nscd -i passwd; nscd -i group
after adding a user/group - of course I could, but I don't want to even
think what kind of email's I'll receive then. :-)

What do you think? Should adduser/addgroup check if nscd is running and if
so, run the nscd -i passwd or nscd -i group?


Oliver Falk
UNIX/Linux Systems Administrator
Autonomy Information Engineer

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