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RE: Changes about php-sqlite

Hi Matthias!

> As of PHP5, sqlite v2 support is included in the main PHP 
> sources, but after checking, the FC PHP5 packages are 
> compiled with "--without-sqlite"
> explicitly, so SQLite support isn't present in Core.
> In the Extras FC-3 branch, there is still the php-pecl-sqlite 
> extension :
> http://pecl.php.net/package/sqlite
> But it fails to rebuild on FC Development, and is considered 
> pretty much obsolete since : 1) SQLite support is included in 
> the main PHP sources
> 2) The author started working on a PDO SQLite module instead
> More info about this newer module here :
> http://pecl.php.net/package/PDO_SQLITE
> I've got packages ready for php-pecl-pdo and 
> php-pecl-pdo-sqlite already, but as it is an SQLite extension 
> for v3 databases and isn't compatible with v2 databases, it 
> can't really be considered a drop-in replacement for the 
> older php-pecl-sqlite package. Well, in terms of 
> functionality, I guess it can.
> Two options :
> 1) Try to build a newer php-sqlite from the main PHP5 tarball
> 2) Build the PDO SQLite v3 module and move forward (me, not 
> impartial ;-)
> In both cases, the module should obsolete php-pecl-sqlite <= 
> 1.0.3 for smooth upgrades (rpm-wise). I personally prefer the 
> SQLite v3 approach since that's what'll be in FC4 Core, so 
> people will have the compatible tools to manipulate the 
> databases... but it will mean breakage for people using the 
> existing SQLite v2 module upon upgrade.
> Thoughts?

It's half of-topic, sorry for that, but I believe it must be mentioned.

I'm a 'perl-guy' as you might know, and I allready have the problem with
FCDevel, that only sqlite3 is provided and no eg. compat-sqlite. There is -
AFAIK - No DBD::SQLite3 available and so I had to build my own sqlite2
package (for the mentioned compatibility) and build DBD::SQLite2 against

However, I guess I'm not the only person in the world who encountered this

So my thoughts on this are:
* Make a compat-sqlite package within FC Extras (it's your decision if you
only want to include sqlite2 or also want sqlite1 in this package)
* Make a php-pecl-pdo-sqlite3 package
* Compile php with sqlite v2 support

This would make it possible for users to migrate from sqlite2 to sqlite3 (if
they can). And all scripts that users might have running (php, perl, shell,
python) should work fine.

It's like the problems with db4. The only way to work around it was to
provide a compat-db (and fix one package after the other to work with the
latest db4). I guess without providing a compat-sqlite, we run into the same
problem again, as soon as sqlite4 is out...

My 2 cent...


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