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Re: Review/sponsor needed: sqlite2

Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams wrote :

> Okay, this has dragged out long enough. There has been *plenty* of time
> for the maintainers to speak up, and so far only one has, giving his
> assent. If no one can think of a reason to *not* import the sqlite2
> package then I will proceed to do so this weekend.

Yeah, just go ahead, it is a package that already was included :-)

Please consider making the cosmetic changes from the attached patch,
though, just for consistency's sake :-D

I need that sqlite2 before I can rebuild kannel... so for me, the sooner,
the better.

Anyway, you can consider this a review and APPROVED message since I've
gone though the spec quickly, rebuilt the package, and tested a successful
rebuild of kannel against it.


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Load : 2.23 1.07 0.62

Attachment: sqlite2.spec.patch
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