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Re: Questions for new package: Freepascal

On Fri, 2005-05-20 at 20:02 +0200, Joost van der Sluis wrote:
> I'm willing to try to add Freepascal (www.freepascal.org). That's a
> pascal compiler, which is written in pascal - to compile it you need a
> binary version of the compiler already.
> So you always have to provide a binary executable, with which the
> compiler could be build.
> I'm don't know what your policies are around such things. (Are there
> any?)
> I could include the compiler-binaries in a second 'source-file' into the
> RPM. That should work. But I dont know if you guys would appreciate
> that.
> Any thoughts on this?

Ew. Maybe the binary can be included for the first iteration and then
removed for the second. The various platforms are likely going to be an
issue though.

Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams <ivazquez ivazquez net>

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