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uqm update - RFC for uqm-content*

uqm has been updated to 0.4.0 upstream, and I'm planning to update it
real soon now in Extras (FC4/devel only).

Unfortunately but as sort of expected, the base uqm-content (which is
required, about 10MB) and uqm-content-voice (which is optional and huge,
about 110MB) packages have changed, and need updating too.

uqm-content-3domusic would not need updating from 0.3, it has not
changed, but it is a subpackage of the uqm-content SRPM and has already
been updated in the Apr 7 mass rebuild so that FC3->FC4 upgraders will
receive a new version of the same ~18MB zip blob anyway.

If anyone has comments regarding the packaging of the uqm-content*
stuff, now before the update would be a good time to voice them.  We're
talking about 4 * 140MB stuff (3 archs + one SRPM [1]) hitting the repo

Some random thoughts that have crossed my mind are dropping the optional
3domusic and voice content subpackages altogether and/or content->data
rename, but unless there is a strong consensus how/if things should be
changed, I'm going to leave things as is and just do a straightforward
update.  I don't really have a big problem with the way things currently
are, but I thought I'd ask if someone does before proceeding.

[1] Cases like this make me wonder whether it would be a possible to
host all noarch stuff in a noarch repository shared between i386, x86_64
and ppc instead of having copies of all of this in each.  Or maybe not
not _all_ noarch, but a "data" repository for cases where size matters.
In addition to uqm-content*, torcs-data* and various other noarchs at
the top of the listing at
http://fedoraproject.org/extras/3/i386/?C=S;O=D would be good

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