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Sponsor needed: Christian Jodar


I will be the maintainer for GCfilms. It has been approved by 
Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams:


He also imported first version to CVS.

If I understand everything, I will now need a CVS access for future
versions but also to require a build (which is the final step before
repository inclusion). Is that correct?

I also have a question about Bugzilla component creation. Do I need
to explicitly require Wiki write access to create the request?

I did the CLA step and also applied for cvsextras membership with user
name Tian. Now I need a sponsor.

I already sent a self introduction on the list:


But if other details are needed, do not hesitate to let me know
about them.

> gpg --fingerprint BF2FB628
pub  1024D/BF2FB628 2005-05-02 Christian Jodar (Tian) <tian c-sait net>
 Key fingerprint = 113D 3265 D3C6 94A1 2E7D  CC14 7A57 B9F0 BF2F B628
sub  1024g/B1AF1AF4 2005-05-02

Christian Jodar.

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