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Self-Introduction: Joost van der Sluis (Loesje)


before I'll come with my first new package, I want to introduce myself.
My full name is Joost van der Sluis, while i almost always use the
nickname Loesje.

I'm from Delft in the Netherlands. That's between Rotterdam and Den
Haag. Last year I've got my Master-title in Applied Physics. ATM i'm
working for a small IT-company which I own together with a friend of
mine, who is still studying. We started the company 5 year ago, and now
I'm working there full-time. We create information-systems for small
buisnesses. Most Delphi-related, together with large or smaller
databases like Oracle, Firebird and PostgreSQL. (MSSQL)

I'm not a good C-coder, but I can do with Pascal whatever I want. Since
almost a year I'm involved in the Freepascal (fpc) project, now as the
maintainer of the database-support.

I want to add fpc to Extras, and if that succeeds maybe also some
programs written in fpc, like Lazarus - a Delphi clone. If I see some
interesting new packages come by (fpc-based?), I also maybe want to help
with QA.

GPG details:
pub  1024D/673FB8B8 2005-05-23 Joost van der Sluis <joost cnoc nl>
     Key fingerprint = 79A7 29D0 FAC9 BED5 AF88  EFF9 0A5B C368 673F
sub  1024g/7090B49F 2005-05-23


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