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Sponsor needed: Enlightenment DR17/E17+EFL

Hi Everybody,
                    Let me first introduce myself in a nutshell: My
name is Didier F.B. Casse. For a living I'm a PhD candidate in Physics
at the National University of Singapore.

Other than the above which nobody cares about, I'm in the
Enlightenment (www.enlightenment.org) Team porting and packaging team.
What I do is that I package the Enlightenment Windows Manager/ Desktop
Shell  into rpms for Fedora Core users or rpm-based distro users to
enjoy. I maintain an apt/yum repository at


for convenience to the FC users.

For those who are not aware of the Enlightenment project (founded by
Carsten Haitzler) or the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL),
please refer to:


You might also want to view videos of DR 17 which would probably tell
more about the  whole thing:


Now we can talk. Right now DR17 exists in snapshot releases located at


and in CVS. The reason why it's in this form, it's because it's still
in development. Although many might frown with the statement I just
made, I (and many others) have been running DR17 as our full-time
window manager for several months and I assure you that it's fully
usable, robust and super eye-candy. And I never got any problems with

What do I do exactly?
My hobby is to pull cvs E/EFL or snapshots, compile them, make rpms
and ensure that the snapshot is ready for regular users. If I judge
that the current snapshot is ready, it is then that I place it in my
yum repo. I have become the de facto repo for E17/EFL rpms.

So far there have been only success stories and each work I receive
about 10 thank-you emails for that. I can safely say there are
thousands of FC users who want and really enjoy Enlightenment 17.

I was encouraged by Rahul Sundaram and  Mark McLoughlin to push this
work into extras so that users of Fedora do not need to hunt the repo

Gentoo, Debian already have something like that.. DR17 is being
integrated soon into Mandriva. Why not Fedora Core? ;-)

It might be that you guys do not want anymore WMs in Fedora, but it's
about giving the community a choice. I chose Linux over MS. And in
Fedora Linux, some people might want to choose E over GNOME or XFCE
over KDE. Do you want your users to freely customize their FC distro
to their heart's desire?

This is to say that I need a sponsor to make this possible.
with kind regards,
Yum/apt repository for DR17/EFL: http://sps.nus.edu.sg/~didierbe

Didier F.B Casse  
PhD candidate, Singapore Synchrotron Light Source (SSLS)
National University of Singapore.

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