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Re: Packages failing rebuild for FE4

Jeremy Katz wrote :

> * csmash (http://extras64.linux.duke.edu/failed/development/csmash)
>   Fails on x86_64, looks like a simple 64bit-ism.  #156205 has a patch 
>   which looks like it should fix it

I'll try that one right now. My x86_64 machine is down at the moment, so
I've been postponing my testing for some days now... I hope to get it up
and running again within at most a couple of days.

> * liboil (http://extras64.linux.duke.edu/failed/development/liboil/)
>   Fails on i386 with broken asm.  Filed as #158641

This one should be updated to 0.3.1, but it fails to rebuild too. Thomasvs
told me that the author got it to build fine with gcc4, so maybe it's
because FC4 gcc4 is more recent than the last release.

> * metakit (http://extras64.linux.duke.edu/failed/development/metakit/)
>   Fails on x86_64, usual int/pointer confusion. #158460

I'd appreciate help on this one. Anyone want to submit a quick patch? :-)

> * viruskiller (http://extras64.linux.duke.edu/failed/development/viruskiller/)
>   Failed on ppc for no apparent reason.  #158647

Interesting :-/ Can someone test a "manual" ppc build?

> * libebml
>   Fails on x86_64, int/pointer problems, #158649
> * libmatroska
>   Fails on x86_64, int/pointer problem, #158651

There are new releases of those, maybe those problems got fixed already

> * php-pecl-sqlite
>   Looks like it needs to use sqlite2, not sqlite3, #156240.  Maybe 
>   obsolete and should just be dropped?

No one commented on my "plan of action", so I'll go for its removal for
FC4 and import the newer sqlite3 based php-pecl-pdo-sqlite to provide the
same functionality.

> * powermanga
>   Fails on x86_64, int/pointer #158464

Same as metakit, a quick patch would be very welcome!

Thanks for your work Jeremy.


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