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Removal of gtkmm20 (was Re: Packages failing rebuild for FE4)

Jeremy Katz wrote:
int/pointer, #158466
* gconfmm20
  Fails on x86_64, int/pointer, #158448

I'd like to request comments on the proposal of removing all the gtkmm 2.0 API packages from FC4 Extras :


There currently aren't any dependencies to those packages in Extras, and all active gtkmm-based projects that i could find have long moved to the 2.4 API (already in Extras). I'm looking at the list of semi-dormant or dead projects still using the 2.0 API but i can't see anything mature enough for inclusion, and should a specific request come up, my take is it will be easier to create a patch for the 2.4 port and submit it upstream... (see http://gtkmm.sourceforge.net/extra.shtml) Also, the 2.0 branch is not under development any more and its build is likely to fail every time we bump up the version of gcc/g++.


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