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GDAL, GDAL-GRASS and GEOS-related questions.

Hello, All!

Let's return to the GIS-related stuff: the problem was (is?) that GDAL needs GRASS to be built with most features enabled, and GRASS needs (in its turn) GDAL.

Where is the solution:

	* to build GDAL --with-grass=no,
	* to build GRASS,
	* to build gdal-grass-plugin after all

They says, that folks from Debian-GIS-group already resolved this circular dependency succesively with this technique.


Maybe we can test this method in FE and close this bug? What needs to be done?



Another one annoying thing is the status of GEOS, which needs maintainer (the one and only trouble with GEOS, am I right?) - I need this package, so could I (if no one will be) be maintainer?

We haven't problems with shapelib and PROJ (only absense of maintainer, - the same thing with GEOS) right now, so if everything with GDAL and GDAL-GRASS will be ok, we will be ready for preparing for inclusion QuantumGIS and GRASS to FE.

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