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Re: Volunteering to maintain proj and shapelib packages

Shawn McCann пишет:

I'm looking to get involved in the Fedora project and was drawn to the list of packages needing a maintainer. As I've used proj and shapelib before, volunteering to maintain them seems a good place to start.

It would be great!
We got another GIS-related package w/o maintainer - GEOS, which blocks inclusion of QuantumGIS to FE.

The company I work for builds systems around the world in various domains, especially for remote sensing from satellites. I've recently been working with on projects to deploy Linux (RHEL) and GIS systems in developing countries, hence my renewed interest in the discussions on adding GRASS to Fedora Extras.

GRASS needs another problem to be solved - GDAL and GDAL-GRASS plugin.

FYI we also got AutoTrace, a good free, opensource vectorizer, w/o maintainer.

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