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Re: New package: fpc-2.0.0

On Tue, 2005-05-24 at 13:22 +0900, Jens Petersen wrote:

> It doesn't seem to build completely on x86_64, since
> the libs are installed in /usr/lib and not /usr/lib64.

I've tried to fix that. Coudn't test it though, I don't have regular
access to a x86_64 machine. Could someone also test it on ppc?

> Overall the spec file looks ok, I attach a patch with
> some initial cleanup.  Further comments:

Applied to the spec-file.

> - "examples/" seems to be too big to include in the main package:
>    I recommend either excluding it or at least moving it to a -doc
>    subpackage

I removed the examples and will make a -doc subpackage. Only thing is
that that package must contain the full fpc-sources since the examples
are spread throughout the sources. Is that ok?

> - If more html documentation available, it could also go into -doc.
>    I see there is a -docs subpackage on the upstream download page.

The documentation can be generated as .pdf or .html. (Both has some
problems in the 2.0.0 release, but there are patches for that)

> - the software is GPL/LGPL :), but are there any legal issues with
>    highlighting TP and Delphi compatibility?

You mean problems with the 'TP and Delphi compatibility' statement? I
won't know why.

> - (It would be nice if upstream could simplify building and installing
>     without the setup.sh script?:)

Which script do you mean?

> - can fpc be built with debugging info?  Would it be useful?  Currently
>    no debuginfo is generated afaict.

fpc Can be build with debuginfo. But that's only usefull for debugging
the compiler, and ppl who do that, won't use this RPM. Maybe the RTL and
FCL (Freepascal Compiler Libraries) can be build with debuginfo, but
that is removed on purpose. If the debuginfo is included, developers who
try to debug their own code will get exceptions in RTL or FCL code,
instead of in their own code. That's only usefull for the FPC-developers
themselves, and again: they won't use this RPM.

In general: for releases the debuginfo is kept out of fpc.

But with the debuginfo included gdb can be used to debug fpc-generated

The new spec-file and source rpm can be found here: (I also fixed Jochen
Schhmitt's comment)



  Joost van der Sluis

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