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Review request 2: syslog-ng (syslog replacement daemon)

  Syslog replacement daemon

  syslog-ng, as the name shows, is a syslogd replacement, but with new
  functionality for the new generation. The original syslogd allows
  messages only to be sorted based on priority/facility pairs; syslog-ng
  adds the possibility to filter based on message contents using regular
  expressions. The new configuration scheme is intuitive and powerful.
  Forwarding logs over TCP and remembering all forwarding hops makes it
  ideal for firewalled environments.

Specfile changelog:
* Thu May 26 2005 Jose Pedro Oliveira <jpo at di.uminho.pt> - 1.6.7-3
- Shipping the sysklogd logrotate file and using the same pidfile
  as suggested by Jeremy Katz.
- Patching the init script: no default runlevels.
- Removed the triggers to handle the logrotate file (no longer needed).
- The SELinux use_syslogng boolean has been dropped (rules enabled).

Note: Right now the SELinux has only been dropped from the FC4 policy
(backport to FC3 and RHEL4 also expected)

José Pedro Oliveira
* mailto: jpo di uminho pt * http://gsd.di.uminho.pt/~jpo *
* gpg fingerprint = F9B6 8D87 859D 1C94 48F0 84C0 9749 9EB5 91BD 851B *

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