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Re: Kernel module standards

Am Donnerstag, den 26.05.2005, 09:48 +0100 schrieb Paul Howarth:
> Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams wrote:
> > I was asked by Warren to post the standards that I use for building
> > kernel modules, so here they are.
> Perhaps a template spec file could be added to fedora-rpmdevtools, as 
> per the perl and python template spec files?

We need a longer discussion how to package kernel-modules first. Then a
concept. Support for the result in yum&co. A bit of testing if
everything works as expected. I suppose after that we need small
adjustments to the concept and/or yum&co again.

Several concepts already exists that describe how kernel-modules can be
packaged: Fedora.us had one, livna uses a slightly modified version of
it these days. Then there is the one from Ignacio, Atrpms also has one
iirc and even in FC4 there are kernel-modules in own rpm packages.

But afaics there is no concept currently that works completely without

Spot initiated a discussion on kernel-module packaging some months ago.
But it ended without results because it a hard task afaics :-( 

I'm willing to help here (I maintain some kernel-module packages) -- but
imho that should be done after FC4 is out and extras for FC4 is in a
better shape.

Just my 2 cent.


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