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Errors found by rpmlint

I'm preparing octave-forge for final review, and I would like some input on the errors that rpmlint is finding:

1. wrong-script-end-of-line-encoding
There are more than 10 of these errors. They are caused by scripts that were created for octave by Windows users. Octave will still read and run the scripts just fine. Most users will never actually see the files. They could be fixed using something like dos2unix, but this seems like a tradeoff between cluttering the spec file vs. cluttering the output of rpmlint--so which is worse? I have cvs access to upstream and can fix these there, but I don't know soon a new release is planned.

2. devel-file-in-non-devel-package
This error is created by two header files that are included for the benefit of users trying to port C code written to interface with Matlab to work with octave. Is it worth creating a devel package for this? I believe the Debian package keeps these in octave-forge.

3. non-standard-dir-in-usr libexec
Several pre-compiled functions are placed in octave's path for these files, which is in /usr/libexec. This is non-standard? There sure is a lot of stuff from other packages in /usr/libexec . . . . I also find it odd that rpmlint thinks this is non-standard given there exists a %{_libexecdir} RPM macro.

I appreciate any input on these.


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