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Request for review: octave-forge

The following package is in CVS and is ready for final review and approval:

octave-forge: Contributed functions for octave
Octave-forge is a community project for collaborative development of octave extensions. The extensions in this package include additional data types such as sparse matrices, and functions for a variety of different applications including signal and image processing, communications, control, optimization, statistics, geometry, and symbolic math.

To build this package, you will need octave, which is not yet released because of problems with the build system on x86_84. You will also need cln and GiNaC, which are awaiting release. Binaries for i386 for all of these can be found at:


Note that the octave-forge RPM will produce a list of rpmlint errors, which I believe can all be safely ignored (see "Errors found by rpmlint" thread from earlier today).


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