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Request for review: latex-prosper


This is the prosper class for latex
It allows you to export latex to pretty pdf slides that work well in

I'm packaging this because in my math class, our group project - I did
the graphs in the gnuplot, I did our document in LyX/LaTeX, I did the
spreadsheet work in Gnumeric - it was a great opportunity to showcase to
the other students what free software could do (especially our group
took the cake), but it bothered me that there wasn't a satisfactory way
I knew of creating the presentation in Linux.

ended up using latex2html and then cut and paste into powerpoint -
worked, but bothered and also wasn't terribly elegant way to do it.

After searching around - this looked like the most promising solution
for math presentations, and indeed - it works incredibly well. Too late
for the presentation, but not too late for next time ... ;)

Not sure I have the group right.
rpmlint complains about the license
I'm calling it latex-prosper rather than prosper because prosper seemed
too generic, and might possibly be used by another unrelated project
(like a banking app or something).

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