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Re: package submission policy question

On Tue, 2005-05-31 at 16:52 -0400, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> Michael A. Peters (mpeters mac com) said: 
> > Neither software package installs any biblical texts, those are to be
> > installed by the user - typically in the users home directory, from a
> > repository of modules that does respect the intellectual property rights
> > of the copyright holders.
> I'd think the copyright on that would have lapsed into the
> public domain by now.

It's funny.
Old greek new testaments like Tisch are public domain, as they existed
before 1911 (or whatever the date is).

But the current greek new testament - which is suppose to closer to what
the texts originally said - is not public domain, despite the vast
majority of it being verbatim from manuscripts they have found (in fact
I suspect all of it, just not all from the same manuscript)

They do enforce their copyright - it's apparently very expensive to do
(the scholarship to determine letter for letter what the original text
most likely looked like)

Modern translations are considered new works for purposes of copyright,
and I guess original versions that are deduced rather than found are as
well. It may be an exception because of the amount of work required to
produce it.

The differences between tisch and what is supposedly modern are actually
quite minor, but :shrug:

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