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[Bug 166919] Review Request: findlib

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Summary: Review Request: findlib


------- Additional Comments From gemi bluewin ch  2005-09-12 07:05 EST -------
(In reply to comment #2)
> c. Genericity of package name
> I originally wanted to call it ocaml-findlib, but there were 2 things that
> prompted me not to   until there is some apparent consensus or guideline:
> 1. Lack of consistency in the first place. labltk, lablgl, lablgtk and camlp4
> are not prefixed with 'ocaml'. Also, currently only packages built from the
> Ocaml distribution have prefixes (excluding camlp4, labltk).
> 2. googling for findlib didn't turn up anything else
> Personally, I prefer a prefix to none. Shall I still go ahead?
The official policy is to retain the name of the original source.
Are you the author of findlib? If so, you may change the tarball to 
ocaml-findlib-...tar.gz and there is no issue. If not, then
retaining the name findlib would be probably more correct.
In any case I would prefer ocaml-findlib.

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