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Re: Taking ownership of gtkterm.

Dan Horák wrote:
Hans de Goede píše v Pá 31. 03. 2006 v 22:27 +0200:

About 24 hours ago I've asked if there was any objection if I would pickup gtkterm, no one objected so I'm taking it. I now this is a bit quick, but I took a look and have a new version ready so this time is as good as any.

As I see in the build reports, gtkterm is built for FC5 and devel. Is it
possible to built it also for FC4?

Its already build for FC-4, but assume you mean build the latest version. Thats not exactly my habbit (I need to think about howto handle this* one of these days). But I've synced FC-4 with 5 and devel and requested a build for you :)



* This = When doing (minor?) updates to a newer FE-release and/or devel
  do I also push this for older FE releases. I believe this is what most
  others do maybe we need to make this policy for minor updates.

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