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Re: RFC: Fedora Extras EOL Policy

Patrice Dumas (pertusus free fr) said: 
> > We cannot do that as long as we lack a well-defined life-cycle compared
> > with Fedora Core. And when we distinguish between active (i.e. maintained,
> I don't see why fedora extras would be a second class citizen if it hasn't
> a well-defined life-cycle. This seems unimportant with regard with other
> issues like packages cleaness, time to respond on bug reports, willing to 
> track new things and completness of packages offer.

If someone uses Fedora Core 5, they can be certain that the content will
be maintained up until point X, and after that it will be looked at for
security issues by the existing Fedora Legacy team (which they can join.)

With Extras... it's 'maybe, depending on the package'. Do you really expect
someone to look at a web page that has maintenance status for 3000 packages?


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