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Re: ATrpms' kernel modules (kmdls)

Axel Thimm wrote:

where is the right place to discuss kernel modules, this list?

Yes here.

The dilemma is, that the methology used at ATrpms differs in some
fundamental design parts from what is the current proposal, mostly the
one spec/src.rpm for both userland and kmdl builds and simple
unprepared upstream Sources:, and further derived concept

This is not a "current proposal". Over the course of literally YEARS Extras has discussed the standard. Earlier this year Red Hat has officially ratified this as the kernel module standard for Core, Extras, and RHEL5+.

ATrpms' concept also supports RHEL3 and earlier FCs and even RHL
releases (e.g. not dependending on availability of kernel-devel which
doesn't exist for these distributions).

So my options are

o convince people about adopting ATrpms' methology
  good: field-proven, easy maintenance, many users already accustomed
	to kmdls, works on RHEL3 and legacy, too
  bad: Thorsten has put a lot of work in the current proposal,
       different buildsystem adaption, danger of endless discussions

o fork packages (RHEL3 and legacy in ATrpms, other here)
  good: all the bad above reversed
  bad: double maintain them

o do nothing
  good: no work ;)
  bad: no packages :/

Maybe a compromise may look like

o Allow ATrpms' methology to enter the system
o Allow kmdls to get submitted/reviewed
o Modify the methology w/o breaking RHEL3/legacy stuff and w/o
  breaking the user's interfacing (but potentially break the
  packagers' interface if a better macro system is developed)

Fedora packages are generally against keeping compatibility across many distributions. The exception to this is if compatibility can be achieved without making the spec look incredibly messy. In all other cases forking the package is exactly what is expected.

That being said, if you can point out ways in which to improve the current ratified standard, please start a discussion about specific things that can be improved about it.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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