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Re: ATrpms' kernel modules (kmdls)

On Wed, 26 Apr 2006, Warren Togami wrote:

Fedora packages are generally against keeping compatibility across many distributions. The exception to this is if compatibility can be achieved without making the spec look incredibly messy. In all other cases forking the package is exactly what is expected.

This is also the lesson I learned from my reviewers. Write the spec for one single FC release, keep it alive as long as that release lives and then just drop it and move on to the living ones.

I used to try to write specs that would be for all distributions ("all" as in Fedora, Mandriva, Yellow Dog...) was told I was doing something stupid, then at one time tried to write for all distributions (as in FC1, FC2, FC3, ...) and was dismissed again. So from a social law as to how people react on your actions follows that this is simply not the Fedora way. (Like I was thinking as a programmer trying to address all corner cases.)

However it would be good to have this as an official policy so everyone get it at an early stage. Warren?


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