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Re: package EOL

Le mercredi 26 avril 2006 à 16:24 +0000, Kevin Kofler a écrit :

> I don't see how deleting the packages is helpful from a user point of view. 

Deleting orphans (and for that matter compat packages) is very helpful
for users. It's *very* annoying and time consuming to build a system
(technical or social) around packages which are no longer maintained and
will disappear at the worst possible time (for you).

One of the *big* advantages of using RHL/FC over Debian has historically
been @rh maintainers spent some time carefully selecting best-of-breed
apps to package instead of packaging everything under the sun and
letting most of it bitrot.

If the repository is not to be aggressively pruned (at least in devel,
keeping stuff in existing releases is something else) I'd really love if
all the convenient-but-really-dangerous-to-use-long-term stuff was moved
to a separate repo from FE proper (Fedora Extra Purgatory or whatever).
It is really not up to FE usual standards and if we're not careful it
will poison the core repo reputation among users (just like other repos
still bear the stigmatas of the poor choices they may have done at a
time, even if they have long since mended their ways)


Nicolas Mailhot

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