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Re: Announcing FEver - an upstream tracking system

On 12/27/06, Michał Bentkowski <mr ecik gmail com> wrote:
Hi everybody!
I am pleased to announce FEver - an upstream tracking system. It
provides means to check upstream changes. If the version of your
package can be found on any website then FEver is exactly what you
need. It checks for a new version and if it finds one, FEver will put
a new ticket on bugzilla to notify you at once. If you want to know
how to arrange for your package to be checked by FEver have a look at
its site [1].
Any opinions, suggestions? Feel free to discuss them here!
Thank you in advance!

[1]: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Micha%C5%82Bentkowski/FEver

I like the idea. Perhaps instead of the wikipage, would it make more
sense to have the list of packages for FEver to watch be housed in the
Extras CVS as a module? Would that scale out better than the wikipage.
I'm concerned that if this becomes extremely popular that the wikipage
as it is will become horribly too long.

Are you talking to the infrastructure team, can this be incorporated
into what they are working on for new tools?

Can this be used to watch for new update rpms? Let's say I maintain
package foo in Extras that depends on bar in Core. Can I use FEver
(with appropriate modifications if needed) to watch for a new bar
package in the published core updates or updates-testing and write a
bugzilla report against foo in Extras to inform me of the new update?


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