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Re: csound problem


> > I've put myself down as the co-maintainer of csound and have fixed most
> > of the problems so far. However...
> Which ones did you find?  Are you working on the FE-7 branch?

A workaround for the alsa one, a few spec file changes and rebuild
against newer python. Yes, I'm using the rawhide branch.


> > Should I file this problem against fluid or is it something I can fix
> > directly? I have zero knowledge of fluid, so if it can be fixed,
> > instructions will need to be damned clear!
> Hmm, odd.  If the version of gcc changed recently in FC-7, then quite
> possibly things that generate code (like fluid?) may need to be updated
> as well, and their clients (like csound) may be broken until then.

I'll rebuild fluid and see if it helps. If it does, I'll file something
against it in BZ.


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