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Re: About missing reviews

Michael Schwendt schrieb:
> On Sun, 31 Dec 2006 15:01:07 +0100, Christian Iseli wrote:
>> In the process of preparing data to feed to the upcoming package
>> database, I tried to dig out all existing package reviews I could
>> find.  I now have two lists: one were I could attach a review ticket or
>> an approval email (in the old review system), and one where I
>> couldn't...  so I think I'll need some help here.  Could FE package
>> owners please have a look at the missing_review.txt file and lend me a
>> hand where possible ?
> Unless you try to acquire a copy of the bugzilla.fedora.us system, you
> won't be able to fill in the missing information. Many of the packages
> from that list are from the pre-"Fedora Extras 3" period.

Yeah, probably -- and some are from freshrpms afaics.

Is it really worth the effort to search for all those informations?


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