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Re: Some status and questions about owners file

paul cypherpunks ca said:
> > We have 58 orphaned packages available in extras devel:
> What happened to 7 orphans? 

The 7 others simply have no longer a package in the devel repo.

> I would not mind taking on putty and hping2/hping3 if they are really
> orphaned. 

Yes, according to http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Extras/OrphanedPackages
(though only hping2 is listed in my list and on the wiki).

> Are these approved, but not yet created? Or have some of these been waiting
> for a very long time? If the original submitter of these packages are lost, I
> wouldn't mind taking on dd_rescue and xdaliclock. 

They are listed in the owners file and have a maintainer.  If you want 
details, you could email the maintainer or open a BZ ticket for the component.

> How are they still blocking when they are closed? One of those (179039) was a
> misfire from my browser and I closed it as duplicate for my proper request.
> Is there any action that should be taken on my side? 

Closing a bug does not automatically remove the blocker.  It needs to be done 
manualy (clear the "Bug 179039 blocks" field, which appears to have been done 
now :-) )


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