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Re: Retrying: magic file / invalid type 20 in mconvert()?

Am Mittwoch, den 01.02.2006, 09:51 -0600 schrieb Karen Pease:
> error: magic_file(ms,
> "/var/tmp/nethack-vultures-1.11.2-3-root-meme/usr/games/vulturesclaw/Guideboo
> k.txt") failed: invalid type 20 in mconvert()
> rpmbuild: rpmfc.c:1229: rpmfcClassify: Assertion `ftype != ((void *)0)'
> failed.
> make: *** [i386] Aborted

rpmbuild tries to determine the file type of Guidebook.txt, which seems
to fail. You should be able to reproduce this with
$ file -m /usr/lib/rpm/magic /path/to/Guidebook.txt

If not, I have no clue what's going on.

I tried to build nethack-vultures-1.11.1-3 through mock with FC4 setup.
This failed with another error. The following command failed inside

tbl tmac.n Guidebook.mn | nroff -c -Tascii | col -bx > Guidebook.txt

The problem here is that col returns 1, although the output looks usable
to me. This might be related to a patch in util-linux
(util-linux-2.12p-col-EILSEQ.patch, Bug 176441) which is only applied to
FC4 and FC5.

Workaround is quite easy. With the following change inside your
nethack-vultures-1.10.1-clawguide.patch I was able to build the package:

+GUIDECMD = tbl tmac.n Guidebook.mn | nroff -c -Tascii | $(COLCMD)
+GUIDECMD = tbl tmac.n Guidebook.mn | nroff -c -Tascii | $(COLCMD) | cat

Now 'cat' is the last command and it returns 0.


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