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Re: Mock question

On Thu, 2006-02-02 at 08:28 +0100, Eric Tanguy wrote:
> I have a fc4 box. Is it possible with a special configuration to try to
> build a package against the devel version ?
> I see in /etc/mock : 
> default.cfg                         fedora-5-i386-core.cfg
> fedora-3-i386-core.cfg              fedora-5-ppc-core.cfg
> fedora-3-x86_64-core.cfg            fedora-5-x86_64-core.cfg
> fedora-4-i386-core.cfg              fedora-development-i386-core.cfg
> fedora-4-i386-core.cfg~             fedora-development-ppc-core.cfg
> fedora-4-ppc-core.cfg               fedora-development-x86_64-core.cfg
> fedora-4-x86_64-core.cfg
> why there is fedora-5 and fedora-development

One is a symlink to the other.

"mock -r fedora-5-i386-core your.src.rpm" will build a development i386

Since I don't run rawhide myself, this is the only way I have of
checking that packages build on rawhide.


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