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[Bug 174883] Review Request: distcc -- A free distributed C/C++ compiler system

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comments should be made in the comments box of this bug report.

Summary: Review Request: distcc -- A free distributed C/C++ compiler system


------- Additional Comments From ch nolte fh-wolfenbuettel de  2006-02-03 04:07 EST -------
Hi! As I have submitted a duplicate, I am now in a position to tear your 
package apart ;-)

I have found the following problems and possible sollutions:

A " mock -r fedora-development-i386-core" failed because subpackage
 gnome needs "BuildRequires:  desktop-file-utils" for desktop-file-install.

Rpmlint shows the following problems:

W: distcc incoherent-version-in-changelog 2.18.3-0.6 2.18.3-1
  The version your changelog refers to should be 2.18.3-1
W: distcc conffile-without-noreplace-flag /etc/profile.d/distcc.sh
  As this is no config-file this warning seems to be ignorable

E: distcc executable-marked-as-config-file /etc/profile.d/distcc.sh
  You should add distcc.sh separately not flagging it as a config.
  This will make the warning above go away, too.

E: distcc script-without-shellbang /etc/profile.d/distcc.sh
  "!#" is missing in your shellscript

W: distcc dangerous-command-in-%preun rm
W: distcc dangerous-command-in-%trigger ln
W: distcc dangerous-command-in-%trigger rm
  I don't know how dangerous this really is. Please check that.

W: distcc-gnome non-standard-group Development/Applications
  This should just be one of /usr/share/doc/rpm-4.?.?/GROUPS

W: distcc-gnome no-documentation
  As there is no documentation only for distccmon-gnome, this
  can be ignored

W: distcc-server-lsb conffile-without-noreplace-flag /etc/rc.d/init.d/distccd
  This is no config-file, don't flag it as such.

W: distcc-server-lsb no-documentation
  The manpage for the server is missing: %{_mandir}/man1/distccd.1.gz

E: distcc-server-lsb executable-marked-as-config-file /etc/rc.d/init.d/distccd
  This is related to the warning above.

E: distcc-server-lsb non-standard-gid /var/run/distccd distcc
E: distcc-server-lsb non-standard-dir-perm /var/run/distccd 0775
  I guess this must be ignored because the server won't work
  as user "distcc" otherwise

E: distcc-server-lsb postin-without-chkconfig /etc/rc.d/init.d/distccd
E: distcc-server-lsb preun-without-chkconfig /etc/rc.d/init.d/distccd
  "chkconfig -add distccd" and "chkconfig -del distccd" is needed for 
  correctly  un-/installing the server package

W: distcc-server-lsb incoherent-init-script-name distccd
  I don't know what is wrong here...

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