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[Bug 179758] Review Request: Eiciel (ACL editor)

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Summary: Review Request: Eiciel (ACL editor)


------- Additional Comments From fedora adslpipe co uk  2006-02-03 07:46 EST -------
Just to note that I've now built and installed this on rawhide i386 too.

In addition I've uploaded the x86_64 and i386 RPMS to 

The gcc4.1 patch has been accepted upstream, so will disappear for 0.9.1

Talking with the developer the .a library which causes the rpmlint warning is
probably best removed from the RPM, is there a way to ignore it in the %files
section, or just "rm" it after "make" and before "make install"

I'm still getting the rpmlint errors about ownership of the man files, also when
I tried an rpmbuild --rebuild of the SRPM file on i386 I got a warning about the
man file being present twice.

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