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Re: Povray, fedora extras and licensing

On Fri, 2006-02-03 at 11:06 -0500, Greg DeKoenigsberg wrote:
> It reminds me of some of Mozilla's Firefox/Iceweasel stuff.
> Lemme get this in front of the board.

The crucial points of this license are

3.4. Except as explicitly set out in this agreement, nothing in this 
     agreement permits Distributor to make any modification to any part 
     of the Software.

and 4. as a whole, with an emphasize on 

4.1. Nothing in this agreement gives the Distributor:
      (b) any rights or permissions in respect of, including rights or 
          permissions to distribute or permit the use of, any Derived 

There exist packages which once were based on povray code and ended up
in trench wars on interpreting the povray license and abandoning
supporting povray.

As I read all this, the license grants rights to "distribute binaries
and the sources of poyray", but does not allow using their sources.
I don't see how this way of shipping is substantially different from
"Closed Source". Similar to to the nvidia stuff it's conditionally
distributable, but its sources actually are non-free.

I'd be glad to be proved wrong ;)

BTW: Debian has povray-3.5 in "stable", but classifies it as "non-free".


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