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Re: ScriptletSnippets: desktop-database,mimeinfo

rdieter math unl edu (Rex Dieter) writes:

>> * 'Requires(post): gtk2' shall be added for packages shipping icons and
>>   requiring gtk2 (e.g. typical Gnome2 applications)
> I disagree.  This would be (mostly?) pointless.  The pkgs in question
> already implicitly require gtk2 already, why add the bloat?

There is a difference between Requires(post): and a plain Requires:. The
first statement guarantees that the cache will be created, the latter
might miss to create it.

>> Else, when you have a installation sequence of
>> 1. package-A
>> 2. gtk2
>> with package-A shipping icons, you will get a 5-10 startup penalty
>> for every gtk2 application because the icon cache is outdated and
>> 'gtk-update-icon-cache' was not executed.
> That's why gtk2 should include it's own %post scriptlet:
>   http://bugzilla.redhat.com/170335

Just for completeness (it is stated from the bugreport):

A cronjob which updates content under /usr regularly, sounds like a
really bad idea to me. When the caching would be changed to look for the
icon-cache under /var, it would be fine with me. A quick&dirty (or
well-designed&clean) solutions might be symlinks like
/usr/share/icons/.../.icon-cache ->
/var/cache/icon-cache/usr_share_icons_..._icon-cache and
'gtk-update-icon-cache' writes either directly into this file or reads
the symlink and recreates it.

Else, are you sure that all possible icon-directories can be enumerated
in this way? (thtat's not a critic, I just do not know it ;))


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