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Re: ScriptletSnippets: desktop-database,mimeinfo

Enrico Scholz wrote:

There is a difference between Requires(post): and a plain Requires:. The
first statement guarantees that the cache will be created, the latter
might miss to create it.

Not if gtk2 run gtk-update-icon-cache in its own %post.  (-:

Just for completeness (it is stated from the bugreport):
A cronjob which updates content under /usr regularly, sounds like a
really bad idea to me.

It wouldn't update content regularly, but only when new rpms (that include icons) are installed. The content update is only, at most, being delayed from when the pkg is installed, to when the cron.daily (or whatever) task is run.

I completely agree with you that the icon-cache should be in /var or /var/cache somewhere, but I suspect that's not something that we'll see soon (if ever).

Else, are you sure that all possible icon-directories can be enumerated
in this way?

Not 100%, but it's at least a start, and can easily be incrementally expanded or improved upon.

-- Rex

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