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[Bug 180034] Review Request: perl-Font-TTF (part of the dejavu-fonts toolchain)

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Summary: Review Request: perl-Font-TTF (part of the dejavu-fonts toolchain)


------- Additional Comments From Nicolas Mailhot laPoste net  2006-02-05 05:33 EST -------
(In reply to comment #2)
> Generally you should supply a src.rpm; it makes the review process a bit easier
> and some of the review items require having it.

I know, it's just that my isp changed it's upload rules and I couldn't locate
the new ones yesterday

> My rpmlint complains:
> W: perl-Font-TTF wrong-file-end-of-line-encoding
> /usr/share/doc/perl-Font-TTF-0.37/README.TXT
> and indeed README.TXT has CRLF endings.  However, there are several packages
> which include documentation files with DOS-style line endings so I don't believe
> this is a blocker.  Fix it up if you like.

It's as you want, the rpmlint in rawhide does not care

> Other issues:
> I can't review spec file naming.
> I can't review the source used to build the SRPM as none was provided.

> BuildRequires: perl is not permitted.
This line is straight from the fedora-rpmdevtools-1.4-2.fc5 perl template. Is
the template wrong ?

> The license does not seem to be GPL.  I see only:
> The Perl TTF module is licensed under the Perl Artistic License.

Ok, my mistake, copied the licensing in dries rpm without checking

> I don't understand this comment in the %files section: 
> # For arch-specific packages: vendorarch
This is a bit of fedora-rpmdevtools-1.4-2.fc5 perl template I should have snipped

> I can't install the resulting RPM:
> error: Failed dependencies:
>         perl(Win32) is needed by perl-Font-TTF-0.37-1.noarch
>         perl(Win32::Registry) is needed by perl-Font-TTF-0.37-1.noarch
> I believe this is the result of lib/Font/TTF/Win32.pm.  I'm not sure what would
> be best to do here.  You can fix it with a quick
> rm %{buildroot}/%{perl_vendorlib}/Font/TTF/Win32.pm
> in the %install section but I'm not completely sure if that's acceptable. 
I agree on this, will do

> Another solution would be to postprocess the output of the dependency generator,
> but that's rather unpalatable as well (and more complicated than just deleting
> the file).

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