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[Bug 180066] Request: Inclusion of a ruby template file

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Summary: Request: Inclusion of a ruby template file


------- Additional Comments From oliver andrich gmail com  2006-02-05 07:38 EST -------
(In reply to comment #2)
> I think this is a good idea, but the implementation is not quite ready.  In
> particular:
> - Too many comments for a spec template at the top of the specfile near the 
>   %defines as well as the License tag.

Well, I agree with you, but concerning the License tag I like to put some kind
of comment into the file to clarify the license issue. Or do you suggest to
correct this in case someone commits a new package?

> - Requires: ruby = %(...) needs verification whether it does the right thing.
>   Maybe something like python(abi) and perl(:MODULE_COMPAT_*) should be
>   implemented in the ruby(-libs?) package.  Additionally, do all ruby extension 
>   packages require ruby, or would ruby-libs be more appropriate?

Basically you could provide a ruby extension, that only requires the ruby
package, but you mentioned the right thing. ruby-libs is what I shall require in
the template, especially cause the directories from the macros are provided by

I am not sure what the reasoning behind this python-abi = %(...) is, but what I
need to check is, that ruby is >= 1.8 cause there are syntactic differences
between ruby 1.6 and ruby 1.8. But this is the only thing I have to check. How
would you implement this?

> - BuildRequires: ruby is needed, because ruby-devel does not pull in ruby
>   (only ruby-libs) and ruby is invoked in the above Requires: ... line

Fixed. And most of the time you also need ruby to execute some kind of install

> - Should use %{ruby_sitelib} and %{ruby_sitearch} for consistency with perl
>   and python


> - The current %{ruby_sitedir} definition actually defines %{ruby_sitearch}


> - Is there a generic thingy that ruby extensions use akin to perl's "perl 
>   Makefile.PL ; ..." and python's "python setup.py ..."?

Sadly not yet. I have two packages submitted so far, and both use different
approaches. But these things are clarifying in the future. A lot developers are
moving to Gems, which is ruby's CPAN equivalent.

> Help from people who are familiar with ruby packaging would be appreciated.

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