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Re: Buildrequires perl in spec template against guidelines

I think the conflict is not just between the spec template and the
review guidelines, but between the MUST in the review guidelines and
language in the packaging guidelines.

I read the following at

There is no need to include the following packages or their
dependencies as BuildRequires because they would occur too often.

and think, OK, so it has a single unnecessary BuildRequires: but it's
not a blocker.

And then I see:

 - MUST: A package must not contain any BuildRequires that are listed
   in the exceptions section of Packaging Guidelines. 

which is pretty unequivocal.

Ville's position is that perl could someday disappear from the minimum
build environment.  I guess anything's possible, and mock builds do
take a while so leaving out perl might save some time.

In any case, something needs to change.

 - J<

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